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Robin waisanen


favorite horror film?  The Sixth Sense - it was the movie that introduced me to the suspense/thriller genre, and has stuck with me ever since. 


witch or vampire?  Witch. They have more agency than vampires who can't go out in the daytime or eat garlic bread, and have a weird social complex about being invited into homes. 


what would you do if you were accused of murder and were innocent?  The awful part about that situation is that, unless you have boatloads of cash (and sometimes not even then), there is little you can do but trust the justice system, which, unfortunately for many, can fail. 


does blood make you squeamish?  I don't mind seeing blood - I do mind seeing how it got out. Watching surgical incisions on tv, fictional or not, is the worst.


favorite herb?  There's a creek in Oregon that was flush with blackberry bushes on one bank and mint on the other. I would go down there every year to pick both, and it was wonderful. Fresh mint is vastly superior than any of its other forms - it is absolutely invigorating.