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Kristina Mccloskey

Assistant Director

favorite horror film? The Invasion.

Witch or Vampire?  Witch. 

What would you do if you were accused of murder and were innocent? Call my friend who is studying to be a lawyer and tell her to hurry it up. 

favorite Herb? Lavender 

favorite Myth? I am fascinated by the mythos of selkies 

has anything otherworldly ever happened to you? I have a very distinct memory in my late teens of driving down a very dark road lined with trees, late at night. I often went on drives by myself to sing along to music, to think, to visit old haunts in my hometown when visiting from college. There was suddenly an incredibly bright, white light in the rearview mirror, and as the road I was on was narrow and windy, I was afraid to turn around physically to look. It was about fifty feet high in the air, trailing about a quarter of a mile away from me. Too close for a plane, too powerful and bright for some kid's drone. I sped up to get out of the woods and onto the brighter road ahead where the housing began. Once I did, the light was gone. 

have you ever seen a ghost? I have not, but I have felt very strong energies in specific places. 

tell us a ghost story. Honestly reading The Yellow Wallpaper kind of does the job.