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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the show? 

The show runs 1 hour and 10 minutes. 

Is there an intermission? 

There is no intermission.

This show sounds like a horror movie -- what is the content like? 

This show contains trips to the past, violence, references to torture, haunting melodies, literal haunting, court rooms, consequences to your decisions, intimate moments, RUNNING, bright lights, disturbing scents and more. If you have any specific questions about content or would like to inquire about any material that may be covered on a specific track, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at barrenstheatreco@gmail.com 

You describe this show as "immersive" and you just mentioned "tracks" -- what does this mean? 

After the show has begun, you will be presented with a choice -- who you will follow. There are 17 followable characters (AKA 17 "tracks") in this show, and you may choose to follow any of them. If you change your mind, you can follow someone else! 

The show takes place at Epworth United Methodist Church -- all over the church. You will follow characters from room to room, room to hallway, sometimes even hallway to outside! It all depends on who you choose to follow. 

I don't love standing too much and I'm worried about keeping up with some of the characters. Should I see the show? 

Yes! If you have any mobility needs or concerns, please reach out to us at barrenstheatreco@gmail.com. We can recommend specific characters to follow over the course of the show to ensure you can sit during scenes and follow safely along. 

Will I have to speak during the show? Will actors try to touch me? 

We actually recommend you leave your voice behind once the show begins. If you are invited to speak, you can make whatever choice feels best to you. 

Our actors will not touch you without your consent, and we ask you do the same for them. 

How will I know who to follow? 

It’s entirely up to you where and when you move throughout the space! If you want to follow a narrative, it may help to follow one character over the course of the evening. If you want to chase after new experiences, simply listen -- there is a lot to see in this castle.


You will also receive the few “rules” we have when you arrive at the space. These are provided to guide you safely through the show so you know what is "allowed" and don't have to guess. 

Any other questions? 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at barrenstheatreco@gmail.com