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Bloody Bathory is the alternate history on one of the most infamous woman of all time, Elizabeth Bathory, who was said to have murdered hundreds of young girls.  What history fails to report is what we will correct, the other side of her story. His-tory is so often written by men and women's stories are left incomplete or unknown.  We aim to correct that.


The audience of this immersive theatre experience will play jury in Elizabeth's 1611 trial.  Through a series of flashbacks into the night Bathory was arrested they will begin to draw upon the intricacies of her life and relationships.  What role did she really play in society, politics and the torture and the murder of these girls?  By the end each member of the jury will have come to their own conclusion of Bathory's plight. Together they will decide her fate by coming to one final decision, guilty or innocent?

Elizabeth Bathory was a legendary Hungarian countess of the late 16th and early 17th century. It is said that she tortured and murdered over 600 girls and bathed in their blood. But no one really knows what happened within the walls of her castle.


The Bloody Bathory project is a sensationalized account of Elizabeth's trial. The trial that sentenced most of her servants to either imprisonment or death.  The trial that never heard her testimony. She died in solitary confinement five years later.

Elizabeth was beautiful, well educated, widowed, and influential. Did threatened men attack an innocent woman with  dangerous accusations? Did a vicious witch consume the lives of countless children as she pleased? Or does the truth hide somewhere in the shadows of the middle?

The Legend
Your Invitation

We invite you to be our jury as we flash back through the shadow memories of the night Elizabeth was arrested. We ask you to decide what really happened - Is she innocent or is she as violent and brutal as history has painted her to be?

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