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The CAST/Crew

Director: Molly H. Donahue

Associate Director: Kristina McCloskey

Stage Manager: Hannah Beehler

Asst. Stage Manager: Jamie Woods

Production Manager: Les Rorick

Script Manager: Brent Ervin-Eickhoff

Lighting Designer: Owen Nichols

Production Designer: Nina D'Angier

Costume Designer: Amanda Vander Byl

Sound Designer: Matt Riech

Intimacy Designer: Kate Lass



Elizabeth BATHORY: Millie Rose

ANNA Darvolya: Kelly Schmidt

Janos FICZKO: Cory David Williamson

KATALIN Beneczky: Lo Miles

Count George THURZO: David Quiñones

Reverend PONIKENUSZ: Levi Shrader

Archduke MATTHIAS: Stephanie Mattos

HANNA: August Rain Stamper

Deseo the CASTELLAN: Erich Peltz

Cardinal Melchior KLESL: Danny Turek

Ferenc TOTH: Tague Zachary

Benedek KALMAR: William Delforge

ZITA: Ebony Chuukwu

ZSOFIA: Amy Carpenter

HEDI: Kristen Alesia

KOVAC/JUDGE: Maggie Miller

MIRA: Kayla Cole


US Hanna/Hedi: Lauren Walters

US Toth/Kalmar/Ficzko: Richard Eisloeffel

US Thurzo: Michel Bigelow

US: Mira/Zsofia: Hanna Ewing

The views and comments expressed by the cast of Bloody Bathory do not necessarily reflect the views of The Barrens Theatre Co. We do, however, support each artist and their expression of who they are in their bios.